Who is Carlos Mayers? A brief overview

Background information- Carlos Mayers is a self-defined entrepreneur and computer programmer. Leader/CEO of CTMVentures INC and all businesses underneath it. Carlos has launched several innovative iOS applications, websites and campaigns to engage and enhance the lifestyle of the youth. As a result of computer programming summer intensive programs at Princeton University, camps, and his own private study, he is a certified developer in iPhone and iPad app development and website development (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT). Just this past summer he has increased his skillset working in Python and Java.
More about... Carlos attended Public School #8 for Elementary school. Aside from his academics he focused on learning about the guts of a computer, how everything worked, and basic troubleshooting. He also dallied in advanced robotics and engineering (A.A.B.E organization). He attended Berkeley Carroll for Middle School where he excelled academically, and was a large part of the debate club. However he felt that he needed a school that not only supported and appreciated his programming skills, but also helped enhance them. So Carlos transfered to Xaverian High School, where he participated in advanced STEM and plays in the advanced orchestra. Currently Carlos attends Hampton University where he studies Computer Science.
Outside of school... Carlos was the Jr. Teen President for Jack and Jill of America, Brooklyn chapter, has participated in annual youth legislative and leadership conferences, and was one of the recipients of the 2014 Jack and Jill of America Medal for Community Service. He understands the importance of community service. If there is ever a opportunity for community service, he takes it. And along with that, he participates in the following events on an annual basis: Breast Cancer walk, CHIPS soup kitchen, Senior centers, cleaning local parks, Hospital work, Radiorebel podcasts, Mercy First foster children, COLGATE Bright Smiles Bright Future, Children's ball, and serving families in need. Scout Carlos was a Patrol leader in Boy Scout Troop 409 at his home church, Cornerstone Baptist Church in Brooklyn NY, where he also actively participates. With events, and teaching in Sunday school.
Awards...Carlos has recieved over 23 awards in his life time. Most recent awards being the Phi Beta Sigma Richardson Award, World of Money business competition award(1st place), and the congressional app challenge award for the districk of Brooklyn.
Interning/Public Speaking... Carlos has spent time at many large technology companies, and startups around the city. Including TUMBLR, BIT.LY, SPOTIFY, AND ETSY. For speeches, he has spoken at over 30 events, and unnoficailly/unannounced many more. Most recently Carlos served as the youth keynote speaker for the Association for Blacks in Energy national conference in New Jersey.
Visuals(Television, stage, video, art)... He performed in Off Broadway performances as well as many school and church events and has served on the school theater crew for his high school, on stage and behind the scenes.
In 2006, Carlos was selected to have a painting of his presented on exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum. This is when he started to recognize his artistic ability, which is used at a all time high now. 
Carlos has produced and directed many short films using Final Cut Express, Adobe Premier, and After Effects. Filming with top of the line equipment.
Ventures... This year of 2017 Carlos' own company, CTM VENTURES INCORPORATED, was founded. And underneath his company will be all projects to come in the foreseeable future. Carlos understands that to whom much is given much is required. So much will come...


Select peices of work I on my own have created, programmed, and designed.

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